A hair philosophy based on strong shapes in order to give longevity to any style.

Worked on London Fashion Week for exclusive designers.

My collection is a celebration of hair design; this short sleek timeless bob has enabled me to capture sophistication.

My work pushes boundaries with shape and style.

Received the prestigious British Hairdressing Award for British Afro Hairdresser of the year.

Joseph is an innovator for black hair. 

Working with textures to create movement.

Joseph has played an integral part of the Nicky Clarke team for many years and more recently headed the creative team at the British MoBo Awards.

I wanted to create sharp and slick with high definition.

Setting the pace for a new direction of hair. 

One of Joseph's specialties is working with curly hair.

This style enabled me to capture a natural elegance with a modern twist.

I created a style which is sassy with shape and body.

Thrives on taking on new challenges within the industry.

Joseph has worked on numerous celebrities' hair creating innovative styles for many music videos.